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Giving to Hollywood Schoolhouse: The 2018-19 Schoolhouse Fund
Each year, families are called upon to contribute to Hollywood Schoolhouse financially, above and beyond regular tuition. We recognize that in addition to giving of their time and spirit, our community (parents, grandparents, trustees, alumni, parents of alumni, and special friends) chooses to make giving to the Schoolhouse a philanthropic priority as well, so that we can continue to flourish as a place where children live and learn.

This generosity is paramount to our ability to run our educational program. Whether it is a new novel for every fifth grade student, a trip to Watts Tower for the third grade class, the opportunity to attend a STEAM conference for a teacher, or tuition assistance for a family who would not otherwise be able to send their child to the Schoolhouse, your gifts make an immediate impact each and every school year.

Upon making your contribution, you will be invited to allocate your gift to one or more of our focus areas for the current school year. These pre-determined buckets are intended to give families an insight into our strategic priorities for the year, and promote transparency in the fiscal operations of our school. We hope that you will find this change a welcome addition to philanthropy at the Schoolhouse.

Please read through our priorities for the year, and begin to think about what designation you feel will allow us to best serve your child and the Schoolhouse community in the year to come.

*Please note that should a bucket become over-subscribed, gifts may be redirected to the area of greatest need.
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